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Lycher Corona Antigen Rapid Test Kit CST-009

Lycher Corona Antigen Rapid Test Kit CST-009

from 25,94 EUR

plus. 19 % Tax excl.

Selling trailer bubble tea 2,50 m

Selling trailer bubble tea 2,50 m
Product No.:4751
16.900,00 EUR
plus. 19 % Tax excl.
EAN/PZN: 4250230347512
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
New cars, complete with new appliances, length 2.50 m
New trailer directly from the German factory.

Best quality. Our New and stands at affordable prices.
Installed only solid bases, axles and durable floors, all of German manufacture. The walls consist of a
art hopeful coated highly insulated material - which makes the car even more sales and easier to maintain.
This higher payload and smaller motorized tractors.

We plan to sell your car individually. All vehicle details you can decide for yourself. We build your trailer or sale as custom made to your requirements in all sizes.

To the placement of the equipment and fixtures and vehicle details define yourself or you rely on our expertise in planning and experience.

Buy on request empty or full-featured, complete with inserts and Geräten.Zur exact pricing we need information about your usage, desired dimensions (Trailer Length: 2.50 m, 3.00 m and so / as many People should work in it), Number of sales flaps, and you
r idea of fixtures and equipment possible.

Or you can buy ready-selling vehicles in our inventory.

Here example with price:

Selling trailer bubble tea 2,50 m

Designed attractive concept trailer
Flashy children Magnet!
Construction: 2,50 m x 2,10 m
ideal for 2 people
zuläss.Gesamtgewicht 1.300kg, cranked drawbar, 10 "wheels
Weight only 950kg, moved by every woman on the court
Special low-frame undercarriage
the vehicle is so deep, children look directly at the topping selection
Foldable sides billboard with mechanical positioning system
Elegant design with protected layout
Weatherproof digital printing pasting everything in eye-catching design
An attraction for children and adults
Complete with perfect features
Worktops, Spülunterschrank, sneeze guard
mobile water supply, hygiene package
Under-table refrigerator, tea-shelf board
Space and connections for your bubble tea equipment already provided
1/1 GN refrigerated well with 6x 1/6 GN containers for your toppings
Inlets with 6x1 / 9 GN containers for uncooled Toppings
380V/220V electricity and lighting package

Upon request: You also offer immediate delivery on further sales vehicles, exhibition vehicles.

New Trailer Sales of Polish producers in size 2.5 m
without setting up as early as 3250 euros ... To do this, select equipment and
Our German equipment.

Ask us ... we will make offer!

We also offer leasing or hire purchase.

Fast, fair and non-bureaucratic handling. Deposit of 10% of purchase price. The lease payments are taxes as business expenses fully deductible immediately. Pleasant monthly lease payments either 48, 54 or 60 month term.

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