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Vaso de bebida Reutilizable transparente 700ml

Vaso de bebida Reutilizable transparente 700ml

Desde 64,74 EUR

zzgl. 19 % UST exkl.

Flashing magnet Star white

Flashing magnet Star white
Artículo número::4101
Desde 0,77 EUR
zzgl. 19 % UST exkl.
EAN/PZN: 4250230341015
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
Minimum purchased quantity 25 pieces
Size approx. 5cm, with battery, 5 LED, lashing red, blue

Additional Item Description:
...On the back of a small magnet to the Blinky to be attached to objects (clothing, including jackets, shirts, t-shirts, shoes ... or body parts such as hair, nose, lips, ears ...). Additionally, one can Blinky with a safety pin as a brooch attached. ...

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