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Santa Claus K405

Santa Claus K405

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Rimsfix 28 leveling machine

Rimsfix 28 leveling machine
Product No.:3667
3.580,00 EUR
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EAN/PZN: 0883028868858
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
Machine for rim clamping capacity of 10¨-28¨ inches
RIMSFIX 28 + Automatic
Rim clamping size 10 ¨ - ¨ 28 inches ( truck rims incl )
Hydraulic motor 0,75 KW 900d / d rpm 1h, 380V or 220V (surcharge)
Mechanical motor 0,75 KW 1400d / d rpm 1h, 380V or 220V (surcharge)
height 1750mm
width 850mm
length 1550mm
Weight approx 450kg
5t hydraulic pressure
Robust lathe (also motor for turning on the tablet can be used)
Frequency ( be obtained via the tablet )
right + linsklauf (also on the tablet can be used)
Temperature Sensor + digital display (can be operated via the tablet )
Additional option for automation via touch screen (surcharge) :
All electrical functions via a touch screen tablet PC to operate
Holder of the tablet inclusive
PC Touchscreen Tablet (models may vary) including software and apps. such as :
Start - Stop
Timer target time , working time (adjustable for 3 persons)
Current time
Temperature reading of the sensor acoustically measured value adjusted
5 selectable languages ??- German , spanish , english , français, turkce
speed control
Automatic Umwuchterkennung the rim with stop function
balancing function
Spare parts or accessories available in 48h
CE badge + certificate

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