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Premium Juicepearls peach 200 grams

Premium Juicepearls peach 200 grams

from 44,99 EUR

plus. 19 % Tax excl.

Cup Reusable Transparent 500ml with logo

Cup Reusable Transparent 500ml with logo
Product No.:849
from 78,99 EUR
plus. 19 % Tax excl.
EAN/PZN: 4250230308490
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
Minimum purchased quantity 44 pieces
1 x 960 pieces, with Motif print, 500ml, diameter 95mm

Additional Item Description:

Bubble Tea Cup
Can be welded with commercial sealant film.

Drinking cup material: PP Reusable
Cup volume: 500ml
Znak kalibracji: 0,5 l
Calibration mark: 0.5 l
Upper diameter: 95mm
Height: 13.5cm

Each mug with the EU label Reusable `` Product made of plastic '' in 7 languages German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Czech.

Can also be used as a deposit cup at events. MW certification suitable for dishwashers

Packaging: 1 carton of 960 pieces
in bags of 40 pieces

How many boxes on 1 Euro pallet 210 cm high? 18 boxes (225 cm high 22 boxes).

from 50,000 pieces inexpensively available with your name / logo / own motif. Please ask !:

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