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Cup Bubble Tea Transparent 360ml

Cup Bubble Tea Transparent 360ml

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Rimsfix 24 leveling machine

Rimsfix 24 leveling machine
Product No.:2309
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EAN/PZN: 4002162200973
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
Machine for rim clamping capacity of 10¨-24¨ inches
RIMSFIX - 24 + Automatic
Rim clamping size 10 ¨ - ¨ 24 inches ( truck rims incl )
Hydraulic motor 0,55 KW 900d / d rpm 1h, 380V or 220V (surcharge)
Mechanical motor 0,55 KW 1400d / d rpm 1h, 380V or 220V (surcharge)
height 1420mm
width 800mm
length 1300mm
Weight approx 341kg
5t hydraulic pressure
Lathe (also motor for turning on the tablet can be used)
Frequency ( be obtained via the tablet )
CW + CCW (can be operated via the tablet )
Additional option for automation via touch screen (surcharge) :
Temperature Sensor + Digital display ( operated via the tablet )
All electrical functions via a touch screen tablet PC to operate
Holder of the tablet inclusive
PC Touchscreen Tablet (models may vary) including software and apps. such as :
Start - Stop
Timer target time , working time (adjustable for 3 persons)
 Current time
Temperature reading of the sensor acoustically measured value adjusted
5 selectable languages ??- German , spanish , english , français, turkce
speed control
Automatic detection of unbalance of the rim with stop function
balancing function
Spare parts or accessories available in 48h
CE badge + certificate

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