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Original Floatie Kings Donut Chocolade Gigant Size

Original Floatie Kings Donut Chocolade Gigant Size

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Our data security guidelines

We use the information collected by us over you exclusively, in order to implement and guarantee you as uncomplicated and smooth a purchase as possible with on-line dispatch the orders wished by you. We insure you that we protect all private data, which communicate you to us. The data security practice of company on-line dispatch stands in conformity with the federation and for the Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz.

Their data and our use

For a purchase with on-line dispatch we need some data from you. The input of the complete name, the calculation and if necessary covers the ship-to-address (road, postal zip code, place, country), the telephone number, your E-Mail address, as well as for registered users a self-chosen user name with password. The user name and the password need you, in order to announce itself as a registered user in the Shop - the personal data of your address are Vorraussetzung for the completion of an order. The telephone number is used for the case of a fast establishment of contact for demands.

These data ensure that we can implement your order and hold you over E-Mail up to date. They receive a E-Mail, which informs you additionally to your order status about your order to each procedure (e.g. entrance of the order, Vorkasse etc.).

Protection of your data

For the protection of your data we use the so-called SSL transmission (Secure Socket Layer) with all Internet sides, which transmit personal data. The transferring data are coded by this method, before they will transfer in the Internet. This coding not possibly makes third it to see your data. We protect the following pages therefore explicitly with the SSL coding: Customer Login, new application, password change, ship-to-address change and the complete procedure of the order.

Use of Cookies

Cookies help us to identify you as customers and to guarantee a smooth operational sequence of your order. They can select even whether the Cookie is to be written permanently (function car Login) or after completion of your purchase expires. The Cookies needs only a minimum storage location, impairs the function of your computer in no way and contains no personspecific data.