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A-Selling trailer bubble tea 2,50 m

A-Selling trailer bubble tea 2,50 m

16.900,00 EUR

plus. 19 % Tax excl.

Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen filling machine

Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen filling machine
Product No.:1892
850,00 EUR
plus. 19 % Tax excl.
EAN/PZN: 4002162485455
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
A machine for producing N2 gas
" Stationary " FOR TIRE GAS
Create your own N2 gas with this nitrogen generator .
The PROFI stationary Nitrogen Generator / Nitrogen Filling Machine for everyone. Top device , a must for every professional.
Application is possible on almost all vehicles , cars, trucks , motorcycles , buses , trucks or military vehicles .

- Pressure 6 bar or 8 bar
- Dirt indication of the filter by visual inspection
- Capacity 4 m3 per hour (4000 liters / hour)
- Degree of purity: 95-99 %
- Entöl and active carbon filter
- Automatic condensation
- Wide range of accessories available on request always and everywhere available
- Additional output for external memory
- Air and nitrogen display

The future lies in the tire gas / nitrogen.
Nitrogen can not burn by the lack of oxygen. Since it is denser than oxygen stabilizes up to three times longer optimal tire pressure.
Since the nitrogen vibrations or constant load the tire better cushion than oxygen is a better driving feel and fuel consumption tangible. The tire life is also increased .

The nitrogen generator of compressed air under pressure of nitrogen through a permeable membrane. In this way we produce a purity of almost 99%.
The guideline value for optimum tire gas is 95 %.

? UID No. net invoice without VAT
? 2 years warranty
? Top unit tested , and tested
? Spare parts available within 48h
? User manual
? CE badge / certificate
? Best value for money
? Demonstration , instruction, training of all machines possible in Leon Spain
? Largest European wholesalers on 2400m2
? All machines will be assembled and tested in Spain
? We speak German , English, French , Portuguese
? All our specialists have been instructed and trained by the best German and American companies

With the device we sell :

1x hose with quick coupling 10 m
1x pressure gauges for the nitrogen pressure at the outlet

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