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Santa Claus with book K360

Santa Claus with book K360

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Spirit Pearls Wildberry Wodka 40% vol. 1,3 kg

Spirit Pearls Wildberry Wodka 40% vol. 1,3 kg
Product No.:265
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EAN/PZN: 4002911226353
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Minimum purchased quantity 1 pieces
Pearls with 40% alcohol content, carton of 6 x 1,3 kg tin

Spirits Pearls allow mixed drinks that arise only when bitten into the Pearls - a crisp explosion of flavors makes every drink unique.

The colorful Pearls make cocktails or long drinks not only optical look like that certain matchless something. Filled with liqueur other spirits (30-40 % vol.) they are a real delectation.

Give some Pearls into the drink and you have that fancy drink with an extraordinary taste adventure.

Spirits Pearls fit well into dinner drinks such as champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine, even in a simple fruits juice it can be a special experience.

Decorate for example your ice cream, your cup with fresh fruits. Spirits Pearls you even can use for hot drinks or hot desserts.


Unopened cans Shelf life 36 months at up to 20 degrees Celsius. Opened cans in refrigerator shelf life 4 weeks.

Production: Made in Germany


Specifically for discos and clubs are also available Spirits Pearls Moonlight Edition … These react in UV light (black light). We also supply drinking cups with built-in UV-LED light. This is the untimate party fun.

Spirits Pearls Wildberry Wodka 40% vol. 1,3 kg tin

water,Wildberry Wodka 40%, sugar, modified starch (waxy maize), acidity regulators. Calcium lactate, malic acid, thickeners: sodium alginate, preservatives: potassium sorbate.

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